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MimiBoxie : Box Turban + scrunchies + Arm Sleeves


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Indulge in our "Turbanista Box," a comprehensive selection designed especially for turban-loving hijabis. Inside, you'll delight in discovering an elegant turban, matching arm sleeves and a volumizing scrunchies, creating the perfect ensemble to add volume and a stylized touch to the turban of the veiled Muslim woman. Gift your turbanista the ideal present to express her style with elegance and practicality.

Demonstration of our MIMIBOXIE Turban :

Box Turban Content:

  1. Ribbed Turban: Our turban is crafted from lycra, a material that adapts to any shape of a veiled Muslim woman's head due to its elasticity. Its ribbed design and lightness add a subtle touch of originality, creating a perfect balance between comfort and style.
  2. Arm Sleeves: Complete the look with matching hijab sleeves designed to harmonize perfectly with the ribbed turban. These sleeves offer the option to lengthen short or 3/4 sleeves, and with their wide range of colors, it's easy to harmoniously match them to your outfits.
  3. Volumizing Scrunchie: Enhance the turban by adding volume with our volumizing scrunchie. Perfect for subtly adding volume, this scrunchie provides the necessary comfort for the turbanista. You can find a wide range of volumizing scrunchies: Satin volumizing hijab scrunchie, chiffon volumizing hijab scrunchie, and our hijab volumizing clips.

The colors selected in the photo are:

  • Arm Sleeves and turban: Light gray

The Unique Feature of Our Box!

This box is a complete gift set. Indeed, you will find:

  • A ribbed lycra turban by Lamis Hijab, elegant and airy, ensuring optimal comfort for busy days of a working girl, athlete, or mom.
  • Arm sleeves by Lamis Hijab, elastic and stylish, that can be worn with various types of clothing, such as shirts, blouses, or even dresses, allowing great versatility in the fashionista's outfit choices.
  • A volumizing scrunchie that adds natural volume to her hairstyle, creating a harmonious effect under the veil of the chic veiled Muslim woman.

For Whom to Offer the Turban Box?

  1. Ideal for veiled women who wear turbans to work or school.
  2. Perfect for turbanistas who appreciate the simplicity and comfort of turbans.
  3. Excellent for Muslim women on their journey towards wearing the hijab.
  4. Perfect for athletes, as its lycra texture provides airy comfort, ideal for accompanying physical activity sessions.
  5. Convenient for veiled Muslim women who want to host guests at home while being comfortable.

What is Lycra?

Lycra is an elastic synthetic fiber that provides fabric with high stretchability and good recovery. It retains its original shape even after being stretched, contributing to the creation of comfortable and well-fitted garments. Lycra is often blended with other textile fibers, such as cotton, to enhance the stretch properties of the fabric.

The Unique Feature of Our Box

Take advantage of the opportunity to bring remarkable personalization to your gift, adding a touch that will make it unique and touching. This personalization will leave a memorable impression on the hijabi Muslim woman who will have the pleasure of receiving it.

Our Inspirations:

✨May Allah ease your journey [name].

✨[Name], stay as you are.

✨My little treasure [name].

At Lamis Hijab, our commitment to you is reflected in offering the highest quality. Each product is meticulously packaged in a box, laminated and shiny, made of high-quality rigid cardboard. We take pride in emphasizing that each box is unique, thanks to customization specially chosen by you.

Dimensions: 15x15x5 cm

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