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Discover our Musk Box, perfect for those on a budget. Immerse yourself in our exquisite collection of ADN musk, an elegant fragrant experience to make every moment of your day even more special.
This refined gift box includes 3 alcohol-free ADN musk and an intimate Tahara musk, an essential fragrance for any married Muslim woman.

Demonstration Video of the LAMIS MUSK BOX :

Contents of the Musk Box 

  • 3 ADN Musk:

  • Promesse Musk: Embodies the freshness and cleanliness of summer.
  • Baraka Musk: Blends patchouli with citrus notes, creating a refreshing fragrance.
  • Royal Musk: A must-have best-seller, blending notes of almond and woody vanilla.
  • Tahara Musk: A delicate and refined scent with soft notes of cotton, jasmine, and white musk.

    This musk is perfect for the intimate moments of a Muslim woman.

How to use Tahara Intimate Musk:

Gently apply your Tahara Intimate Musk to pulse points such as wrists, neck, behind the ears, and even on the elbow folds. These areas emit heat, which can help subtly diffuse the fragrance throughout the day. This delicate fragrance quickly becomes a must-have in the daily routine of a Muslim woman. Each perfume bottle is carefully selected for its exceptional quality.

  • After leaving the shower:
    • Apply after showering to enhance the feeling of freshness and add a subtle fragrance.
  • To be applied after the woman's menstrual period:
    • Apply after the menstrual period for a renewed and pleasant fragrance experience.
  • Apply to her prayer rug and prayer ensemble:
    • Enhance the prayer experience by applying the musk to the prayer rug and prayer ensemble, making these moments even more enjoyable.

Our musk box is designed to complement the accessories of Hijab Muslim women.

At Lamis Hijab, our commitment to you is reflected in the offering of the highest quality. Thus, each product is meticulously packaged in a box with dimensions of 10x10x4 cm, coated and glossy, made from premium rigid cardboard. We take pride in highlighting that each box is unique through customization specially chosen by you.

Dimensions: 10x10x4 cm

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10x10x4 cm

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